Few days old baby

Question: My wife has c section delivery. Its been 4 days..she has a sever head ache while sitting and standing..she feel good when laying on bed...what happened to her..plz help

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Answer: It's called spinal headache n common after spinal anesthesia gvn fr section. She will take smtim to recover until then regular hydration with juices, water n rest as much possible
Answer: It is because of anaesthesia I also faced same problem it is because of dehydration tell her to drink lots of water,coconut water or glucose she will get relief soon
Answer: Nothing worry, tell her to drink 350ml of water, every half an hour. Sleep with out pillow. Everything will be fine in 15 days
Answer: It's normal after c section....tell her to drink coffee... it's help me alot after c section.And don't use cousion for 1 month.
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Answer: Hi dear, Could be a heat boil please apply calamine lotion on the boil to sooth it.it should be fine in couple of days.donot apply Anything other than calamine lotion to small baby.if it gets bigger etc,then take him to doctor.
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Question: My baby has now 9 months while she laying on the bed she always put down her head strongly for moving i am tensed because she has any problam for it
Answer: Hi,no that's fine and this is the tender of most of the babies.jowever you can stop the baby or help her to be soft so that she doesent hurt herself
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Answer: If pain is so continuous please better show her to doctor. Do not avoid any continuous or strong/sharp pain.
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