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Question: My wife had a c section . 4 days back...she is unable to get up on her own. How many days will it take for her to heal and do things on her own. Also she gets fever and stitches pain a lot. Please help . what can she do for quick recovery.

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Answer: Hello. There is nothing like quick recovery. After cesarian a complete bed rest of a month is required. Although after 10 to 15 days the stitches heal and it is possible for your wife to do her work without support and help but bed rest is still required. Hope it helps.
Answer: It will take 6 to 8 weeks to heal internal stitches.. Its like big surgery so she need to take care And slow practice of getting up when she is comfortable will help her to getup without anyone helps..about fever plz consult doctor
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    fifi839 days ago

    Fever is a sign of infection.pleade see the doctor asap

Answer: For quick heal of stitches try aplycaps, it's easily available in any medical, try applying it twice daily. It will help in drying soon.
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    Roopa Narayan839 days ago

    U have to cut open aplicap and then apply it like an ointment on the stitches.

Answer: Fever is a sign of infection please see a doctor asap C sec need more time for recovery please let her rest n take warm food
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Question: How many days to take for recovery from c section stitches
Answer: Hie Have good rest as your body needs lots of rest to recover.give your body 6-8 weeks of full rest Take extra care in getting around while you heal. Avoid going up and down stairs as much as you can. Keep everything you need, like diaper changing supplies and food, close to you so that you dont have to get up too often. Dont lift anything heavier than your baby. Have a healthy and light diet for the initial 15 days give your stomach time to adjust Have a balanced diet have your homemade saunt,goond and dry fruits ladoo they would help speed recovery Good nutrition is just as important in the months after you deliver as it was while you were pregnant. If you are breastfeeding, you are still your babys primary source of nutrition. Eating a variety of foods will keep your baby healthy and help you get stronger Have milk everyday to make up for the loss of calcium Use the maternity belt from day 3 post delivery to 2 months post delivery it helps get your stomach back to shape to an extent
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Question: Had c section 4 days back and having pain in stitches on slightest exertion.. Is it anything problematic??
Answer: What kind if stitch it is?if the stitches are the dissolving one,no need to worry.take complete rest.u ll b fine.it will take 6 weeks for the stitches to heal completely
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Question: I had a normal delivery on 29th March , got some stitches down , how many days it will take to heal the stitches unable to sit and having lot of pain . What to do to heal stitches.
Answer: Hi... It's called as episiotomy stitches which are done to bring out an easy vaginal delivery... It usually takes 1week to 2 weeks... Sometimes little longer also...
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