2 months old baby

Question: My wife got gas capture in backside she did sicerin operation also

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Question: Hi to everyone.plz suggest food for my wife. she got C section operation. Now she was middle of the 4th month,Did she eat fruits nd wat type of food she take????
Answer: There are no major restrictions on type of foods your wife can eat post c-section. The stiches would have healed completely by now. Eating nutritious foods improves health. Make sure she get sufficient carbohydrates (rice, wheat, grains and root vegetables) for energy. When it comes to fruits, being summer now you can give melons, grapes, citrus fruits (provided if there is no allerty), apple and pomegranates. She can eat all types of foods that she is not allergic too!
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Question: My wife blessed a baby on sicerin operation one month ago.she had pain in stitches
Answer: Hi sir, don't worry as C section is a major surgery so can you take up to 3 months for this pain to go just make sure that your wife should not carry on lift any heavy object and also should not stand for long time tell her to walk daily minimum 20 minutes, ensure proper diet and proper rest for you wife there should be enough protein and calcium rich food in her daily diet.
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Question: My wife is 5 month pregnant did she eat dates?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes she can. It has natural sugars that easily break down in the body and won't spike blood sugar levels but will offer high energy, it also helps relieves constipation, and lowers your risk for gestational diabetes. However, please consume in moderation. Take care.
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