Few days old baby

Question: My wife dilevered a baby girl yestarday as a c section and then on she is not getting breast milk until taday what could be the reason or any help tips if u could share

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Answer: Ask her to drink milk as much as she can and also to add on more of water.More the baby sucks better shall be the milk formation.
Answer: It happens with every new moms... ask ur wife to massage her breast with warm water twice in a day..
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Question: I could not feed my baby for a week post birth, as i was not well after C- Section. She was on formula milk. Now she is not liking breast milk. What to do?
Answer: Keep on trying she will get habituated. Happened the same with me
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Question: If baby girl is less then one month ....she is crying a lot every day....she sleeps very less...what will be the reason for that
Answer: Hello Dear Common cause of crankiness crying and sleepiness in baby maybe hunger colic pain stomach pain cold full diaper lying in one position for too too tired to even or teething. Sometimes darkness in the room trouble them they need to be cuddled and hug and cared. Try to meet all the needs of the baby calm them down and comfort them. Massage tummy in clockwise direction so if any gas is blocked it will get released. Adjust room temperature according to baby need if baby is hot try switching on fan or AC in a cooler environment if the room is too cool switch off the AC and Fan comfort baby. Hope this helps take care
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Question: Hi got delivery on Wed two days back as c section, but is not having milk she is not sucking
Answer: Keep trying ,as you had c sec there will be less food for you and the milk flow will be very less when he or she cries every time for milk give your milk boost her by pressing your breast so they will know sucking
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