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Question: My wife delivered baby boy with c section.. Now cut healing processing going on... But she slowly going into the postpartum depression.. She is thinking taking child care is hige task.. Mshe is not ready for that... For each and every task she needed maid or baby seater... Need help

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Answer: Hey dear it is surely a hectic job to b a mother almost every third mother feel same way, and also please talk to her a lot try to soothe her, help with baby soothe and other task , ask her to pump milk so u can feed baby by bottle it will b easier for her this way. Else some times she might think to harm baby as well
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    Abhyuday Varik772 days ago


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Question: Today we done a sonography.. which need do be done after completion of 8 month and a week... everything is normal in sonography...but while inspection dr. Inserted fingers for checkup in vagina... Don't know for what... But suddenly.. bleeding started from vagina as like as cut on any part of the body... After seeing this to find out where the blood is coming dr. Found a very very small thin like particle came out... Which she has send to a laboratory for further checkup.. and she also insisted to take 2 injections for lungs development of baby.... And was saying that we need to do c-section after seeing the lab report which will come in 4 days....now my concern is that.. whether everything is ok normal... Because as my wife isn't feeling any pain in pubic area or abdomen.. nor now bleeding.. is there everything normal... Need not to be worry... Whether we have to do early delivery.. and for what purpose those injections were... Kindly guide... U suggestions are much more needed.. as we are feeling the heat....
Answer: First calm down your wife and support her, probably corticosteriods might have been given for lung maturation which can help if they are planning for delivery, so no need to worry about that too. Good that bleeding has stopped. However the reason of it can be better known after the examination only. If medically it needs early delivery then you have to go with doc suggestion. Don't panic and relax
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Question: My mother has passed away last month when i was running through my 7th month of pregnancy. She wanted to see my child and just because of her i have planned this child. She was suffered of CKD for 6months and left me alone. I take care of her not only in hospital also in home like a child while going with my pregnancy. I suffered with multiple complications but keep taking care of her so that i can make her well but she left me by cardiac arrest in early morning by 4:15am. Since then i am unable to sleep at all, its been a month now i keep awake in the night. Also my case got complicated, when she left i was almost lost my concious, my become very low and now too after a month i am having similar issues. Now also almost every single second i missed her and cry most of the time. I feel like a looser, that i can't help her to keep her alive. Due to severe pelvic pain, i am on complete bedrest, which irritates me a lot. Now a days i started hating this child, sometimes i feel coz of this child i was not able to take care of my mother properly and since i got pregnant she became unwell. I know that i am wrong and thinking bad stuffs but can't control my emotions due to this unbearable pain also i have moved into the dark phase of life, where not only i hate this child but also i hate myself too. Rather then physicatrist please suggest something?
Answer: It's better to visit physicatrist he will suggest u wth some medicines bt before using tht medicine once ask Ur gynic as tht medicines r safe fr u and Ur baby...
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Question: Hello everyone. I request every pregnant mom to take gud care of urslf esp during d last weeks of pregnancy..in relation to bp, fetal movements, AFI, diabetes etc. Do not jump to emergencies.. here in india, doctrs too jump into emergencies out of fear. Plz consult 2 to 3 specialists before going fr emergency predate deliveries. My baby was born at 35w 4d gestational age. Due to prematurity of lungs, he was put on ventilator. His lung problm was solved in a weeks time but he aquired hospital induced infection and that too meningitis, treatment of whch was for 21days n the injections were too strong fr such a child. Our ill destiny put him in hospital for 1 month. And now he is weak but fine alhamdulilah. In my case, my gynaec did my emergency in haste coz of mere bp of 150/95 and a few vaginal droppings. On consultation with other docs now, they say, she cud hv easily waited fr a min of 1 week and my baby wud not hv to face such terrible time. So, my advice to all.. plz b vigilant n try to wait till full term of 40w unless there z some emergency whch cant b avoided. From a mother in pain!
Answer: Thanks for sharing your experience dear... God bless you and your baby a healthy life
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