38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My weight was 75 bfr pregnancy and now I am 93 n 7 mnths pregnant is this normal?? And doctor is saying my baby Is weak?? Wht shud I do??

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Question: My baby is 7 mnths 20 days n she has ear infection. Wht shll i do?
Answer: Hello dear, Your baby probably has a cold, which has caused her middle ear to become swollen. The swelling has trapped fluid inside her ear. This creates a warm, wet environment where bacteria and viruses can spread.  Another reason your baby can get ear infections is because the tube in her middle ear is short and horizontal, as it's still developing. As she grows up, the tube will triple in length from 1.25cm to 3.8cm and become more vertical, reducing the chance of infection. Most ear infections clear up quickly on their own, but it is a good idea to take your baby to your GP if: your baby is younger than three months old. symptoms do not get better after 24 hours. your baby is in a lot of pain. there is fluid coming out of your baby's ear. both of your baby's ears are infected. If your baby is very unwell and the infection is not caused by a virus, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Your baby's ear should start to improve in three days or four days, with or without antibiotics.  You can also give your baby infant paracetamol or ibuprofen if she is three months or older. This will reduce the pain and fever. Also offer her plenty of breastfeeds to keep her hydrated. Hope it helped Take care ur little one...
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Question: My doctor was saying that my baby is weak n i m pregnant for complete 7 months from yesterday 8 month has been started of mine
Answer: Hello.. Diet play an important role in pregnancy, A good nutrious diet , with mild exercise will give you a healthy baby Take folate rich foods that includes green vegetables, lentils, chickpeas.. Intake of wholegrain,millets , cereals will also help Eat lot of vegetables and fruits which haslot of nutrients Eat nuts, dates,dryfruit as snacks,you can also have makhana Avoid caffeine,sugar,packed foods,pastries too Eat home made food than food brought outside Stay yourself hydrated, drink three litres of water a day, you can add fresh juice too If you are a non vegetarian, fish is best option you can have it weekly twice,other meat weekly once Drink two glasses of milk daily, good for bone health Eat figs and prunes daily ,to avoid constipation Thank you
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Question: hello I am 28 week pregnant I was 86 kg during 22 week now my weight is 93 kg suddenly 7 kg increased and my height is 5.5 inch I am worried is it normal weight gain or not
Answer: Hello! The weight gain is too much. In the entire pregnancy weight gain sho not be more than 12-15 kgs. Would suggest y to keep a control on the weight gain
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