6 months old baby

Question: My weight is 76kg I have a baby in 6th month.i want loss my weight keto diet use full to me??what can do

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Question: I have 9months old baby. Can i start keto diet Right now. Is it safe
Answer: Hi Dear! Keto diet is all about high protein and fat and no carbs, if you r feeding your baby its not ideal because your baby needs a balanced nutrition and in Keto u r not even allowed to hv fruits you can go fr LCD which is Low carb diet which mostly balanced and do not affect your supply much, above all i would suggest to go to a nutritionist talk abt your goal and let him/her suggest it fr you.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i do keto diet to reduce weight as i want to conceive and my weight is almost 70 kg
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Weight can be reduced by following some tips. 1.Always drink warm water only 2.Do exercise regularly at least four days a week 3.Avoid fatty masala food 4.Eat in regular intervals Never go with any crash diets as they are not safe. Keto diet is good if you can follow you reduce weight and become healthy. Take care
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Question: I am 75 kg weight how can i loss my weight tell me i want to loss my weight
Answer: Mommy you are pregnant. Don't think about weight loss now. During pregnancy don't think about maintaining the weight...just take nutritious food for your baby...once you are done wid your pregnancy and after few months you can plan and maintain and reduce your weight. If you don't eat healthy now your baby will get affected because of that. Some tips I can give are. Try to eat small meals for about 5 times a day. Don't eat too many sweets, eat only if you have a craving. Try to have small walks. It's both beneficial for you and baby. Drink lots of water. Take care
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