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Question: My weaight is increasing but am not getting the pregnancy

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Question: I have completed four month of my pregnancy but my weight is not increasing. What could be the possible reason.
Answer: Nothing to worry. Eat healthy foods. In 2nd trimister u will gain weight rapidly.
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Question: Stomach getting increasing in size is the symptom to confirm the pregnancy
Answer: Noòooo pls test at any lab.. but if u r very curious u can still test at home using prega test or any other test at home... For that u morning pee is needed. Take 3 drops of u r per and put it in the test if u c 2 lines u r pregnant. If u don't want to use this u can always go to any near by lab and test. Basic symptoms of pregnancy are Morning sickness Nausea Vomiting Headache
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Question: I am 20 weeks pregnant and my weight is not increasing but baby weight is 300 and 321. Is it normal of my weight is not increasing?
Answer: Yes it is fine.Every woman is unique. Every pregnancy is unique. It is only to be expected that each of our weight gain be unique!!! Don't worry about numbers on a scale, all that matters is your baby! 
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