15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My vomitings are dark yellow in colour and my urine colour is also yellow...is this normal?

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Answer: hi you should consult to the doctor to be on the safer side and please drink adequate intake of fluids throughout the day so that you do not get urinary tract infection and the colour of the urine will also become light yellow and transparent if you drink adequate intake of liquids
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Question: My baby doesn't pee in night time his diaper remains empty and he pee 6 to 7 times only in 24 hours and his pee is dark yellow colour is this normal plzzz tell me
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear the baby who s depended on milk should pass,more than 6 times urine in 24 hours.nd ur baby s doing 6 to 7 times in a day its completely normal so nothing to worry abht if baby s not passing urine in night time .give breast feed after 2 2 hours untill ur baby completed 6 months nd give bf 20 min each side do that fore milk nd hind milk go to baby its hekpful in babies all over devlopment .try it
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Question: My lower three teeths are in grey colour how to rid this
Answer: This may due to any deficiency. Consult doc on this
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Question: Hii dear My daughter passes urine little bit little bit and yellow colour is it ok
Answer: Nope...it's due to heat...if it's not breastfed baby, give more water.
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