13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My upper Abdomin has increased and lower is not. Though didn't gained much weight. Can someone tell me why?

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Answer: Hi, since you are still in your early pregnancy still many changes are yet to happen so be relaxed once you are in second trimester your tummy will get bigger and in third trimester you can clearly see the belly more bigger and in early pregnancy your belly wont be visible much.
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Question: I am 22weeks pregnant ..but my appetite has not increased much..also gained only 2kgs weight..is it normal?
Answer: Don't worry dear...mine also same upto 24 week..but after that gained almost 9 kg till now.....
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Question: Why my upper abdomen is increasing instead of lower , though I didn't gain any weight during first trimester.
Answer: No alternative as it is patented medicine and m also taking it. It's costly and no other company can manufacture it.
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Question: I am obese and it's my first pregnancy, I didn't gain any weight in first trimester.However, still my upper tummy is more visible and increased then lower one. Can someone tell me why.
Answer: Take complete bed rest and put two pillows inside your feet. Did doctor also give u any 💉?
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