26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My tummy is still not coming out...... Is my baby......m very worried

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Question: Its my 5th month of pregnancy.. but still my tummy is not coming out... Is my baby growthing inside?
Answer: Hi. Yes dear. My tummy also dint showed untill i was 8 minth pregnant but my baby was growing well. You can check your babies weight in report. If babies weight is accordingly you need not to be worried.
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Question: Hey.... M 5 month pregnant... Bt my tummy is not coming out compare to other pregnant ladies.... M confused k everything is OK pr not inside
Answer: Hii dis vary lady to last.thus us not necessary to have bigger bump. Some lady don't have bigger bump but still their babies has good health.
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Question: Hiii....my tummy is not coming out...M little worried pls help me
Answer: Its normal. Position of the baby differs. Its too soon to tell. After 20 weeks tummy is visible.
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