7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My tongue are dry even having water. But if I am n AC room I don't feel like that. I dono y ?

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Answer: Hi dear this is normal in a lot of pregnancy that your mouth gets dried frequently even after having water you can just put on on sugary Candy in your mouth and keep searching it will help you a lot because other than this there is nothing much that you can do about a dried mouth .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I feel very thirsty n dry even if i drink a lot of water
Answer: Hi dear. the weather is really dry and moreover you are pregnant so your body is producing a lots of layered so your external fluid intake that means you water intake should be really high so it's quite normal for you to feel dry and dehydrated even after drinking water all you have to do is increase your water intake upto great level . you should drink at least 15 glasses of water in a single and also drink coconut water daily it will be really beneficial for you and it is also really good for your hair and skin .
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Question: My third month of pregnancy started but I always feel like vomiting and I vomit thrice a day, even my tongue taste is tasteless, I don't feel like drink water also. What to do. I am taking only folic acid.
Answer: I am in third month of pregnancy too and facing the same problem. It's getting worst. I am taking folic acid too. Please suggest any prooven remedy.
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Question: My lips are getting dry soon even if I take lot of water?
Answer: Apply Aloe vera gel or ghee in ur lips it will help. Once ur baby delivered apply ur milk in ur lips and skin.
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