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Question: My todays scan report shows small muscular VSD seen by colour doppler and small choroid plexus cyst seen on left side 5.2 mm...is any problem related to this..?

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Answer: Hi dear! Vsd is a ventricular rental defect which means that there is a small opening in the setum that divides 2 lower chambers of heart known as ventricles. If it's small then there is a possibility it can close on its own but we have to keep a. track on it. A choroid plexus cyst is just a small fluid filled structure within the choroid of the lateral ventricle present in the brain . This is not considered as any fetal abnormality and it wont damage ant brain functions of the baby.it will usually disappear at around 30-32 weeks of pregnancy. So don't worry and do keep a watch on it thought the scans. Take care.
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Question: my wife 18 week pregnancy doctor report says impression : left sided choroid plexus cyst 4.8mm and right side 5.2 mm . please tel me its anything serious
Answer: A choroid plexus cyst is a small fluid-filled structure within the choroid of the lateral ventricles of the fetal brain. ... A choroid plexus cyst is not considered a structural or functional brain abnormality. Most choroid plexus cysts are isolated and occur in otherwise low-risk pregnancies.These cysts do not damage the brain or affect the way the brain works. Choroid plexus cysts are not a tumor or type of cancer. Although a choroid plexus cyst does not cause problems, when a cyst is seen during pregnancy it raises concern about a small risk (less than 1%) for a condition called trisomy 18. Consult ur Doctor
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Question: A 5.3 x 3.3 mm choroid plexus cyst found in left lateral found in anamoly scan report. What is it, is it risky for pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear. A choroid plexus cyst is a fluid filled cyst in the brain. Its normal and it may go away on its own by 32 weeks. No need to worry about it
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Question: Did my TIFFA scanning reports said that small choroid plexus cyst on left side is that aby serious problem ??? Please suggest me i am worried about thid
Answer: Hi dear , chloride plexus is a part of your baby's brain and a small cyst is present there. Don't worry this cyst doesn't hamper your baby's normal brain activity and development. After birth, with age it goes away by itself in most of the cases. But in some cases it indicates chances of chromosomal abnormalities. To further confirm you need to take some more test. Consult your doctor for the same. Take care.
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