27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My thyroid levels r increasing day by day im taking 75 mg of thyroid tablet

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Answer: hi please consult to the doctor immediately and change the medications as prescribed by suggested by the doctor because high levels of thyroid thyroid affect the growth of the baby or may lead to create them delivery therefore it is very necessary to take good precautions you should also take a proper diet you can be the proper dietitian would be able to give you are bad features suitable for pregnant and thyroid ladies also you should avoid taking maida in the meanwhile
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Question: hello maam how could we control thyroid during 7 week of pregenancy also i m taking 75 mg thyronorm but even though tsh is increasing
Answer: Try doing some exercises related to your thyrod gland if it is effected on neck area you can do some round exercises like clock and anti clock up and down, and also you can use homeopathy, which Im using
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Question: I take 75 mg tablet for thyroid. how to cure this problem.can I conceive??
Answer: Once you are taking medication (levothyroxine tablets) and your thyroid hormone levels are back to normal your chances of becoming pregnant should improve dramatically.so keep your diet in track and healthy loving you can definitely get pregnant take care.
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Question: I have thyroid...im taking 25 mg tablet...now can i take 75 mg tablet half of it?? My thyroid is in border...
Answer: Why? Did the doctor suggest you to take somewhere near 32.5 mg? If that is the case consider alternative days take 25 mg one day and 50 mg the other day.
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