26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My stomach pains alot sometimes..

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Answer: Hi Dear, Abdominal pain is perfectly normal and there is really nothing you can do other than rest every chance you get.  If you are working, take a little nap during your breaks.  It will pass in time.  Hang in there. Your physical changes this week. You may feel occasional cramps and lower abdominal pains. If you are feeling a lot pain plz visit ur doctor before taking any medication. Sit down, put your feet up and relax. Resting comfortably should reduce any belly aches. If sitting doesn't help things, try resting on your hands and knees, or leaning forward against the back of a sofa....When you get up from bed, turn to your side and then get up slowly. Use your arms for support. This reduces the stress on your abdomen. Moving slowly and smoothly from a sitting or lying position can also help. Drink plenty of water and other fluids to avoid dehydration in the hot summer months. If you have a lot of gas, avoid oily, spicy foods and heavy pulses such as rajma or chana that produce gas. ....   Take care urself...
Answer: Then please consult a doctor as soon as possible dear. And don't take junk food, excessive oily food etc. May be you have gastric problem. And drink plenty of water.
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Question: Helo...sometimes my stomach pains alot...i.e. upper adomen....wat to do....i m 6 months pregnant....experts advice me
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Pains can be due to different reasons like gas problem, indigestion problem etc. Take cumin water with ghee and sugar added as it helps to reduce pain. Avoid spicy masala food. Drink more water and eat vegetables and fruits.If pain doesn't come down or you find any other symptoms Consult doctor.Take care
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Question: I am having bad sore throat. Sometimes when i cough my stomach pains alot.
Answer: Hi.. Dear do warm water salt gargle, have a nice ginger tea. Apply vicks vapour rub on your neck, back, chest and feet. Wear a pair of comfortable socks before going to bed. It will make you feel little relaxed. If nothing works, then ask your gynaecologist, to give you a mild medicine.
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Question: My stomach pains in between and sometimes very hungry and sometimes dont feel like eating anything
Answer: Hi this is all symptoms are normal during pregnancy special in the first trimester please don't worry from the second trimester onwards you will feel much better than good especially about the Hunger lesnar's for sleeplessness if you have any but at this moment it is important for you to understand your body and it just the way your body wants so if you are not feeling like having food sometime you can skip it for sometime and later maybe after a couple of hours you can have food you are hungry you might want to have food but please do not over eat anti pure water intake high.. Hope this helps!
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