15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My stomach is aching and whatever i eat I'm getting pain because of that not able to eat anything please suggest is this normal ?

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Answer: Hi dear it can be due to indigestion please to talk to your doctor and ask for an over the counter medicine so that you can take it to get relief otherwise you can have loads of water walk a little cold milk can also help you to get rid of this pain for some time but I think it is better to not always try with home remedies because medicines and necessary at times so please do talk to your doctor and have an over the counter medicine to feel good.. Hope this helps!
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    Kruti Katti797 days ago

    Thanks a lot

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Question: I am getting back pain frequently and my body is aching, not able to eat properly, getting vomitting sensation all the time please suggest what should I do
Answer: Hi please take rest and take calcium and iron supplements, have healthy and timely diet and for further problem please visit your doctor.
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Question: Hi mam I'm feeling nausea and vomiting not able to eat anything because of not eating anything I'm getting pain in my chest and back pain plzzzzzz reply what is the solution
Answer: Hello Dear I understand how tired yu must have been with Nausea but it is common least for first three months.As yu not able to eat meet your doctor she will give anti-sickness or antihistamines, which are safe for baby. Try this remedies it helped me *Eat sumthng in bed before you get up and start day. *Eat several small meals day and avoid empty stomach. *Eat protein such as well cooked eggs, dairy products, lean meats, beans, whole grains, pulses and seeds. *Stay away from oily n junk food *Have a teaspoon of jeera powder with black salt. *some Snell cause nausea avoid them "Stay well hydrated sip small amount in every half n hour. *Have a spoon of ginger juice with honey every morning. *try some ginger or lemon tea with Tulsi n mint leaves. *Coconut water,fresh citrus fruits or juice help a lot *Lemon water with honey also reduce nausea Take care
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Question: I am not able to eat anything. Whatever i am eating, i am vomitting out. Please suggest...
Answer: Hi mam don't worry this is common during first trimester of pregnancy due to the hormonal changes so you don't need to worry mam.take more water that helps to avoid getting vomit and also you can add more citric fruits like orange grapes lemon in your diet this also helps to avoid getting a vomit you can also take a ginger barfi mum this also will help you even if you get vomit please eat a little by little because you are the building power of your baby so you should not skip any of your meal.
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