4 months old baby

Question: My stiches hurt.

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Question: Why my breast hurt
Answer: Hi dear, this is cuz it body is getting ready for baby. Some tips: Buy a good bra: The best way to deal with sore breasts is to invest in a good, supportive bra or two. You'll find that cotton bras are the most comfortable and breathable, and that underwires cause discomfort.  Make sure you have room to grow: Don't forget to purchase a bra that has room to grow, because your breasts will likely go up one or two cup sizes. Invest in breast pads: It isn't uncommon for your nipples to be extremely sensitive during the first several weeks of pregnancy. If you find that the lining of your bra is causing you pain, buy breast pads. They can help shield your nipple from the lining of your bra and decrease the pain that you're feeling.  Sleep in your bra: You can help keep your breasts from moving and thus hurting when you sleep in your bra. This will give you the extra support you need to deal with the tenderness that may be causing your to lose the sleep that you need.  Take a warm bath: taking a warm bath can sooth achy breasts. However, you'll want to make sure that the bath water isn't too hot so that you don't harm your baby.
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Question: when to wear tummy belt after c-section.. also gastric problem hurt stiches...wht to do.??
Answer: Hi dear, there is no strict rules that you have to wear tummy belt even if you feel uncomfortable n uneasiness. And if you facing any gastric issue its because after delivery we drink lot of milk and excessive milk creates gas in body . Though you can not avoid but on top level you can try some remedies like having fennel seeds, butter milk, non gassy foods,proper gap between meals and sometime antiacids also works . Try to walk around in room or roof or balcony after every meal. It will help you a lot.
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Question: Can sneezing hurt my baby?
Answer: Hello! Don't worry, it will not hurt your baby. Your baby is in a protective environment.. Just relax
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