7 months old baby

Question: My son not able to stand with my support also

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Answer: Hi! Please do not make your son stand at 7 months , usually between 7 to 10 months of age babies starts to sit or crawl but your baby has a lot more time to stand so please do not rush into anything it might be dangerous for the baby if you try to make him stand from now.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My 12 months son is not start his first step. He can stand with support when he is 11 month. Able to stand in dependable for just sec. I am very worried , when he will start walking
Answer: Hello Babies take their time in walking teething and talking. We just can't push them on dis. Wt v can do is assist them. Sometimes babies are scared to let go of their standing support and walk thinking they will fall and hurt them selves. Some think y take extra effort whn crawling gets them everywhere. Take ur baby on the bed n then try giving ur baby their favorite chocolate. Or toy. With little push from u he ll be able to walk soon. Hope I helped
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Question: My son is 8months old he is not ready to stand support with furniture is there any problem
Answer: hi dear your baby is very small at this time the baby will not be able to stand also give some time today baby the baby will start standing with support only after 11 months so please do not worry
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Question: my son is 8months 29 days old he is not able to stand even by taking support also m worried
Answer: give him vegetables soup....might b it happen because of low calcium in bone
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