9 years old baby

Question: My son is weting bed almost everyday . I ask him he says he cant control.

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Answer: he is 9 years old and by now bedwetting has to be stopped . this happens rarely in few cases of children who don't stop bedwetting even after they grow up . first you can try correcting it at home before you take him to the doctor . I guess you can possibly change this habit if you make few changes in his daily routine . stop giving him any Fluids like milk before he sleeps . you can give alternatively by evening time . secondly just before he goes to bed develop the habit of going to the restroom everyday and then make him to sleep . if you practice this everyday then he may gradually stop bedwetting . don't scold or threaten your child not to bedwet. instead say him politely to wake you up in the night he feels he wants to use the restroom .
Answer: Hi It is common for few kids up to 9 years. As it is happening everyday made ur kid go for toilet bcoz he going to bed also give little bit poha before he going to sleep. It will stop. Also dont compare the kids with others infront of him. Before he is going to sleep stop watching tv like horror channels.
Answer: Consult him to a doctor..
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Question: My son is very angry I can not control him some time how to control him
Answer: Try to explain him when he is in good mood.. Also encourage in meditation and if possible involve the kid in sports... Another option is to put water on the feet and ask him back counting.. This will definitely help... Take care
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Question: my son is 5 yrs old. day time my son can control urine but night time he keep doing it. I wake him up many a times but he says its not coming then once back on bed within 10 -15 minutes he does on bed. mot understanding how to deal dis habit if him
Answer: Generally children outgrow bed-wetting on their own by the age of 7. Staying dry at night requires your child's brain, muscles, and bladder to mature and work together. It's a more complicated process than staying dry during the day and requires several physical developments. However u can still tak following steps - 1) you can encourage her to drink more early in the day and see if that helps. Aim for roughly 40 percent of his fluid intake in the morning, 40 percent in the afternoon and 20 percent in the evening.  2) Make sure your child goes to the bathroom right before bed, and if she wakes up during the night, ask if she'd like to use the bathroom. Offer to go with her if she's reluctant. 3) Your child should be going to the bathroom regularly, about four to seven times, throughout the day. If she isn't, she may be avoiding drinking and going to the bathroom during the day, and urinating more at night instead.
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Question: Hi my child is 6 ans still sometimes he weting bed, what can i do to stop it?
Answer: Hi, I think your child needs help. Talk to him teach him to get up at night or go to washroom before going to bed .Tell him we all pass urine only in washroom. Also see if there is any problem in the sense if your child is feeling insecure in any manner. Talk and try to understand if he is facing any issue with his friends. Be like a friend. Don't behave and ask like a parent ask calmly. See if there is any house atmosphere which is affecting the child. Or us the child scared of someone or something. And accordingly work on it. I am sure this will help you.
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