14 months old baby

Question: My son is having less iron.i have got to know by his blood test.having insufficient iron leads to Anemia. so what kind of care and food to be taken.

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Answer: Hello dear. You can include a source of vitamin C.  My doctor told that including vitamin C in a baby’s meal can at least double the absorption of iron from cereals and legumes.  Limit dairy with meals.  The calcium in cow’s milk inhibits iron absorption, so avoid feeding dairy with high-iron meals.  Instead, feed cheese and yogurt as a between-meal snack.  Introduce a variety of iron-rich foods, including grains, meats, beans, and veggies.  And remember that you may have to offer a food to your baby 5 or 6 times before he’ll really eat it, so keep trying. Some of the foods which are rich in Iron and can be added to ur baby's diet:- Grains 1.) Baby cereal 2.) Fortified oatmeal 3.) Cheerios 4.) Amaranth 5.) Quinoa 6.) Barley 7.) Pasta 8.) Wheat germ 9.) Whole wheat bread Legumes 1.) White beans 2.) Lentils 3.) Kidney beans 4.) Black beans 5.) Chick peas 6.) Tofu Vegetables 1.) Spinach 2.) Green peas 3.) Kale 4.) Broccoli 5.) Green beans Hope this helps.
Answer: Hello dear...iron rich foods u can incude in your baby's diet.Meat and poultry are great source of heme iron.especially red meats and liver.Egg yolos,beans, potatoes,seafood,peanut butter,organic dark chocolates and beetroot juice was showing very effective results.
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