14 months old baby

Question: My son is frequently getting fever can you please let us know what kind of precautions shall we take

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Answer: Hi...Your baby probably has a weak immunity. U should include Papaya, apple, brocolli, spinach ,kale,almond,walnut,yoghurt in ur baby's diet daily...This is how baby's immune system develops. Once it develops well,u may not see the same problem.take care
Answer: Frequent fever, fever with chills could be due underlying cause. Consult doctor to examine if required blood test should be done to check on this. Use the medication without fail and wipe body with wet cloth if temperature rises.
Answer: Severe cough may not effect baby as baby is well protected in the womb but it can make you uncomfortable so take medication for cough, drink warm water only. You can chew lozenges too.
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Question: Can we take lemon juice frequently during first trimester ? Please let me know
Answer: Lemon juice is good for the body. it is very essential to stay hydrated during pregnancy period. Add sufficient water to the lemon juice and enjoy it. Make sure not to over drink it. consume it in moderate quantitiy
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Question: My son is frequently getting cold and due to the cold he is getting fever. Can you please suggest me what kind of precautions to follow to overcome this
Answer: my dear cold could be due to weather change but if baby is also getting fever then it is really important to take baby for checkup to make sure whether it is viral or bacterial so that treatment can be given accordingly and also if fever is often than it is important for you to get her blood test done because my baby was also having frequent fever then we came to know that she is having a blood infection. So please take your baby to doctor
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Question: Hi everyone.. my is getting fever frequently.. getting vomtings.. please help me out here. Thank you
Answer: Please try to take sprouts..it will be very helpful.. try to take brown rice.
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