6 months old baby

Question: My son is 9.5 kg at 6 months, he gained weight because of formula, i am worried because of weight, is it normal?! Kindly help

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Answer: Dear usually babies double their birth weight by 6 months...but even my baby was at almost triple by 6 months even though he was on breastfeeding..but doctor said not to worry and feed on demand.. slowly when he started solid food his weight gain reduced...and is at a normal weight only..now people say he has lost weight 😄 don't worry...he will adjust the weight slowly..😊
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Question: My son is 22 months olds and his weight is 9.5 kg.. Plz help me how to improve his weight....
Answer: Hi dear,u should maintain a proper diet for him....don't worry I'm going u d chart-by the age two, your child should be eating solid food and three healthy meals a day, plus one or two snacks. He or she can eat the same food as the rest of the family. Do not fixate on amounts and do not make mealtimes a battle.but i'm giving u some ideas about the chart which may help. u can add low fat milk,egg,fruits like banana,apple and wheat toast with jelly or cereals.meat,pasta,rice and veggies like carrots,pumpkins ,potatoes.Hope this will help.Take care.
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Question: What should be ideal weight gain in 6 months as I gained 10 kg in 6 months is it normal ?
Answer: Hey Congrats dear. I know it gets really difficult to understand if u r over weight or not. Best thing is to check ur bmi. It should be in-between 18 to 24. If it is in-between dis then fine nothing to worry.jist make a note that overweight can give u difficulty in Pregnancy so keep ur weight under control. Take a good care dear 💆
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Question: 3 kg weight gain in one month (6-7) is it normal . ?now I am in 7th month of pregnancy I have gained 6 kg of total weight?
Answer: yes this is normal. during pregnancy it happens. no need to worry generally women gains 1- -12 kg during 9 months. till 7 months 6 to 7 kg are fine.
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