2 months old baby

Question: My son is 7months old. I have started giving solid food and also breast feeding.He is not at all drinking water.As of now giving water using spoon he just drink few sip.what is the idea to give water.

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Answer: hi do not worry the baby is drinking water a fuse foods that is all the baby is required at this age because your breast milk will have the sufficient quantity of water which will help to fulfill the requirements of the baby do not worry about this at all
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Question: Hi,,, my son is 1 year 1 month old,,,, from past one week he is not eating properly,, just 2 spoon,,, he like to drink milk,,, but solid food he does not eat at all,,,, just playing whole day.
Answer: when children stop eating they are either Moody, on occasion hunger strike , or not feeling well. unless you don't have any signs of illness you should not worry and keep offering food. also note that babies weight does not increased much on reaching one year. what after one year the baby should be three times the birth weight. and don't worry it is a phase your baby will eat
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Question: My baby is not drinking water. I started giving solid food to her. what should i do???
Answer: For every 3 spoons of solid food offer a spoon of water. Even if baby rejects it or spits it, continue offering. Make sure to offer warm water and not cold or too hot. Slowly baby will start drinking.
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Question: Hi 7 th month started for my baby now. So I started giving him semi solid foods. Till 6 months I didn't give him water. Since I have started semi solid I am giving few sips of water. But he is avoiding it. He didn't like to drink water now. I tried both bottle and spoon. So what to do now. Pls suggest
Answer: add little bit sugar in water and give him sips of water
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