Few days old baby

Question: My son is 7 days old, he is having jaundice of 14 mg ,so wht type of diet i should take, can i have curd rice?

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Answer: S u can have curd rice by avoid nonveg completely..not even egg u shouldn't eat
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Question: My baby having jaundice (19th day baby)which type of diet i can have
Answer: Hi. Your diet wont affect babies jaundice dear. But to cure jaundice in baby The most important point is to avoid dehydration. The baby needs to be kept well hydrated with breast milk. Feed the baby often to stimulate frequent bowel movements and thus help remove excess bilirubin through stools. In severe cases, the baby might require IV line to deliver the fluids. Phototherapy may be recommended for babies with very high level of bilirubin. This treatment is performed by keeping the baby under a florescent light which helps in breaking down of bilirubin in the skin.
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Question: Hi mam...I have a 14 days baby..he was having jaundice..can I take non-veg...
Answer: Hi. Definetly dear, you can sure havr non veg. That womt affect Baby in any ways.
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Question: My baby is 8 days old he have little jaundice can I take bath my bavy
Answer: Massage with oil and clean with wet cloth. After jaundice, give warm bath...
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