4 months old baby

Question: My son is 4 month old.. He roll over his back even his head not stand properly ..is it safe or not

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Answer: Oh! babies are Gods miracle. My daughter rolled over when she was just 3 months old and used to smash her nose everyday. But they learn very fast. It is perfectly safe. Make sure that you are constantly watching him so that he doesnt get hurt.
Answer: Hello dear. Please do not panick and relax. All babies take time to reach each milestone. Babies start controlling their necks completely by 6 months. Just let ur baby have tummy time hope it helps.
Answer: Yes its safe . Babies cant make there head up roght now . Slowly they will be able to stand . As days move u will notice changes . Sudden changes will not happen. Everything in slow
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Question: Hi my baby boy is now 4 months 10 days old but he can't roll over and even he doesn't try for roll back is it normal
Answer: Hi... Please understand every baby is unique... Make sure u give a lot of tummy time throughout the day in specific intervals.. each tummy time can last maximum for 5 mins... Once u increase the tummy time ur baby will try to roll over..
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Question: My son was 70days old....he is not rolling over and even he is not trying to roll over.......is there any problem
Answer: No problem They take their own time to grow some do it at 6 months
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Question: Now my son is 4 months old...he was born one month before his due date....still his head is not hold and didn't roll over his body
Answer: Hi every baby has their own time. As u said ur baby is premature. So he will take time to do. But don't worry your baby will be more active when time passes. Just give him some time. And give him only breast milk as it is healthy than any other.
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