17 months old baby

Question: My son is 14 months old i have 2 issues 1) his skull is not closed yet 2) right leg is little bend .. he s very active baby. But leg issue s what I'm worried about. He running too.

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Question: I have a 5 yrs son. No doubt he is very active but he is not mature as according to his age. I m so worried about him .
Answer: Thanks. He is looks like 3-4 yrs and also comuincate like 3-4 yrs child not like 5+. But he is observe everything what we talks about and what the activity we are doing at home and outside. His mind is sharp but i dont know why i m worried for him . His weight and height is also proper as his age .
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Question: Hi my son 2 years 2 months while walking he is dragging his right leg
Answer: Dear firstly try to correct baby everytime he do this but still baby dont correct the way to walk the please consult with your doctor about it and baby checked..
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Question: Hi my LO is 2 months 9 days, today just for 10sec he heard Ganapathi band sound ad i closed his ears too...there s no problem right?
Answer: Hello, Dear there is no harm in that. A loud sound from far will not harm baby in anyway so don't worry.. Baby is completely safe and healthy..
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