2 months old baby

Question: My son have one problem but exact ah we don't know its breathing problem nu some sound came but we don't know its came from nose or throught ah nu.doctor check that problem he said its nose block its common problem nu my son 2 months completed still that problem is continue..kindly give solution to this problem.

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Answer: My 3months old son is also having same problem.i too still have doubt whether the sound is from nose or throat.my doctor checked him and told its quite normal for babies and he prescribed nasal drop for nose block.
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Question: I m 26 week pregnant. I m suffering from acidity very badly. Any solution? Yes i know its a very common problem in pregncy but still i cnt tolerate it
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Question: Hi, my baby is 2 months old, he is suffering from heavy cold from past 2 weeks, hes breathing fast & make lots of sound from noise while breathing... Have consulted doctors & they said to give nebulisation, we are giving nebulisation from past 1 week continuously but still its not reducing the cold... We were giving Levolin respules & 3% NS in nebulisation & also nasoclear drops in nose but still not showing any improvements, can somebody advice me how can i reduce my sons cold???
Answer: Hi dear,my daughter had same problem last week.make sure that air of your room is well humid and not dry because during winter season we use heaters all the time and heaters tend to dry the air unless it is oil one. Also my mother kept wet hot towel in a vessel beside my daughter which worked as a nebuliser too.we did a setup with a shawl covering her as we do in steaming because nebuliser couldn't be arranged at that time. Also we used nasoclear drops.and 5 min later we used to tummy time her.she hates tummy time and cries a lot.during that crying and with her face down she used to blow out some wet phlegm from her nose.wipe that off. Also my mom rubbed sarson ka tel with the essence of ajwain,methi,garlic burnt in it.this helps a lot. Use kapoor ,burnt garlic,clove,cardamom potli beside her bedding so that she smells that.this would help in relieving congestion. Keep her warm by stuffing extra warm cotton as a first layer in her chest under her clothes. Hope all of this helps.
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