2 years old baby

Question: My son 2 years one month old he is weight 10.9 kg he is so active he is talk with one words only say I feel worried about that

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Answer: Dont worry at all my daughter started talking after 3 years some kids take time u pl spend time with him and if possible try to mix him up with his age group kids u can send her into play school also Just b positive and talk with him all the time with sounds like say bbbbbb aaaa sssss
Answer: Send her to playgroop when he will go and he will atomaticly learn to speak
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Question: My son is 2 years 3 month old. He wont talk properly. He tells few words but wont speak
Answer: Hello Rushing the kids will not work as the more u force ur baby the more they ll hesitate due to the pressure. Children start talking or rather mouthing words by 14 to 18 months. Try playing rhyms with animal sounds so they can start mouthing the words or animal sounds start by encouraging them try dancing with rhyme and say the moo baa wuf with the rhymes the kids are very fast with imitating so they ll soon start imitating u in no time. Once he starts telling the sounds start with Johnny johnny or incy Vinci spider. So he can start with this again.
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Question: It's about my son. He is two years ten months. He is able to talk yet. Only two three words
Answer: Hello dear,  your 2.10 year old toddler isn't using more than a few words, you may be concerned. It may be confusing because he may seem to hear, understand, and follow instructions despite not speaking much, and there are no other signs of delayed development. Every child is different. Please do not rush or worry, You can help your child speak: Talk more to your child. Get down at her level or pick her up. Listen what she is trying to say Repeat the words with your child. Read story books to the child, it helps in picking words. Show things around when you are outside, encourage her to speak. Hope it helped Take care ur little one...
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Question: my son is 2 years and 9 months old and I am worried about his weight he weighs 12 kg
Answer: Diet plays a major role. Feed baby all the food that your family eats like roti curry rice salad etc. You can give baby an egg every day so that protein helps baby to be active. Give baby full cream milk twice a day to fulfil the calcium demands of growing kid. Curd,vegetabkes,fruits and green leafy vegetables are required for kids healthy growth. Deworm baby according to doctors advice as it helps a lot in healthy weight gain. As long as baby is active nothing to worry.Take care
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