28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My skin is getting dry and my hands and thighs are itching alot is that ok

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Answer: Hi mam there are many reason for this please consult doctor and check your sugar level. Some of the home remedy would be apply aleo vera itwould help you get better in itchy. You can also intake aloevera juice. Drink more water take water rich fruits.
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Question: Hai mam.. My hands and legs skin gets dry in pregnancy and starts itching over hands and legs wat to do for my itching
Answer: hi dear, because of the hormonal changes it is common to get dry skin and itchiness all over the body. To get some relief try to keep your skin moisturized everyday. You can use your anti stretch mark cream or oil on the dry skin area. Don't use hot water for bathing ,use normal or warm water. Use chemical free Herbal soap for bathing. After bathing don't rub your skin with towel always pat dry. Hope this will help you.
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Question: I am getting itching all over my body except hands and feet. Is this ok?
Answer: Yes dear It is ok if u are not facing any itching in hands and feet. Itching is more common in pregnancy when hormones are at their peak, but it usually goes away within a few days after delivery. Remedies for full body itching : 1. Use a rich skin cream 2. Look for moisturisers and petrolatum 3. Do not use scented laundry detergents 4. Try cold packs 5. Add cornstarch to ur bath
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Question: Hi i am 23 weeks pregnant from 2 days i m getting itching on hands and thighs and red pimples as well why this is coming and my stretch marks on belly are red in color is this ok???
Answer: Dear itching is depends on how much you are experiencing.. if it is little bit to moderate than it's normal as body stretch itself to make space for the baby and supply blood circulation, so for that do massage with coconut oil as it will moisturize ur skin n prevent stretch marks too n secondly drink lots of water and fluids to keep urself hydrated...n dear stretch marks ka colour can be different from person to person .. kisi k blue hote hn red n normal skin colour k so if u r concerned about the colour ask from ur regular Dr. In ur next visit... Don't do itching it leaves marks which will look like stretch marks..put lil bit oil when u feel itching n do full massage after bath ànd before sleep at night take help from your husband 😉 I did coz bump won't let you do all by urself or else u feel short breathing.. For pimple if they are lil bit in count and u had oily skin than it happens .. mujhe bhi tummy pe hue they and coz of harmonal change. Bhi hote hn so if u feel normal hn are hn jare hn tho it's ok n if u feel ki nhi it's not normal type of pimple thn go n see Dr. Skin specialist.. sometimes coz of oil massage if u r already doing usse bhi ate hn oil se.. but usse nhi h tho harmonal change ki vjhse ho saktey hn ..drink water as much as you can... Now if u r experiencing moderate to severe itching which is not going after applying oil and doesn't let u to go hands off from itching part than go and see Dr. As it is sign of some infection in liver .my sis friend experienced that so take a wise call .. see what u r feeling and act accordingly ...take care
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