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Question: My sister was 9 month pregnant women, what should she prefer for labour either riped papaya nor unripe papaya please anyone answer...

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Answer: Papaya is not good for please avoid it. Take water add some curry leaf veins ,ghee,dhaniya seeds and one pinch jaggery piece and boiled.after it can be filtered then allow to some what cool drink it warmly will give more relief and give labour easily.
Answer: Boil 2 glass of water add 1 spoon of Jeera powder..Boil till it comes to 1 glass.. then let her drink it induces Labour.. ripe papaya will also work..
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Question: What should we do as my sister has high bp 120 /180 she is 9 month pregnant
Answer: this is very high BP has been taking her BP medicines regularly this should have been checked earlier. doctor can now give medicine to control the baby but this is a dangerous find because a normal delivery might not be possible with high BP patient
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Question: What should be normal blood pressure for pregnant women? . Am 9 month pregnant now
Answer: Hllo dear normal blood presssure while presgancy should be 120/80 .so consult 2 ur gyno nd check ur bp level.
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Question: Hi, can anyone please tell me what should be the fetal weight in twins pregnancy for 7th month pregnant women
Answer: At 20 weeks of pregnancy baby should wear around 900-1000 grams in case of twins pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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