34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My sgpt is 529.vomit me blood & Itching problem bahut jyada.plz suggest

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Answer: Take low protein diet. Visit doctor immediately.its harmful for baby.u ll hv to undergo some liver test.
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    Smriti Shikha835 days ago

    Thanks ma'am

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Question: I'm facing itching problem ...after blood test my Dr. Suggest me udiliv 300..is it safe during pregnancy??
Answer: Hi Dear I had the same medicine when I had Itching. In 3 days time itching is gone. Do not worry. You take this medicine. Ensure you don't take it for more than 3 days. Also you should eat one Pomoganate, Apple and Banana along with green leafy vegetables and daal everyday. This diet too helped me get better. No more itching
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Question: Hi..my SGPT count is high,51 ..is there any problem for SGPT?dr didn't give me any medicine..told me eat only less oily food..
Answer: It could mean pregnancy cholestasis or sever itching in hands and feet.It could be a cause of improper liver function in your baby and also to have jaundice , high bilirubin levels. there could be chance of pre term birth too. Please inform your doctor immediately to start necessary aid.You may be adviced to induce labour . For a better understanding of the test results and its effect n your baby consult your doctor immediately.
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Question: My wbc is 40-45, sgpt is 61 and hb is 7.9 plz suggest me
Answer: -your SGPT is high indicating cholastis in pregnancy. Requires medicines to control your itching. -your HB is way too low. You may need again iron with folic tablets to increase your HB count. Please visit a gynec ASAP.
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