10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My periods is missed from 2month. Till today morning i am checked UPT they are negative.....

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Answer: Hi dear if it has been 2 months that you have not got your periods on time this is the time you should check it with your doctor it could be for many reasons and the reasons are definitely medical it could be related to your thyroid level it could be PCOD it could be due to stress we could be due to much more weight loss or gain or due to imbalance in prolactin hormone etc. Hope this helps!
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    Kajal Mahajan600 days ago

    Thyroid level is normal but i am Feel sick today morning

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Question: Hi My Last period was August 25th, my periods are missed for 5 Day's, today I checked from kit,its negative. Assist me Wat will the next precaution?
Answer: Hi dear, There are many reasons for negative result: 1- late conception 2- hormone level not upto the mark 3-too early testing 4-defective test kit 5- timing of testing 6- not pregnant To avoid above things,one should give sufficient time for your hormones to rise .give atleast a week after you missed your period and then test.ypu can better test it through,blood test,which is quick and accurate.
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Question: My lmp is September 11th and I missed my periods, today morning I took upt it came negative, I'm very much confused, what I have to do now
Answer: Hello dear, If you were trying,  your period always comes on time.and If you missed your period, you can check at home through home pregency kit. Most cases, this happens about 6 days after conception. So check yourself through home pregency kit after 7-10 days. If you get two pink lines it means you are pregnant. Good luck and Take care urself...
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Question: Today i checked my UPT its seen Negative
Answer: Please complete question so that we can help you. You can comment here or post again. Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet, recipes and many more they help a lot. Take care
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