9 months old baby

Question: My periods didn't came after delivery.. I have 9month old baby.. have any problem?

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Answer: Noting problem dear Delivery time blood loss so much
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    A SAMAD Gilal170 days ago

    No.. Its normal.. In some women periods does not come just because of breast feeding.. When your baby will stop breast feeding.. You will get a regular periods cycle again.. Do not worry dear

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Question: I have 8month old baby..and i didn't get my periods...have any problem?
Answer: hi dear! from what you are trying to say that you have not got your periods since delivery. if you have not got your periods since your delivery then its a long time that you have not got the periods . normally it comes within 6 months. so dear you should visit your doctor dear. take care dear!
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Question: I didn't get my 2nd periods after delivery my baby is 5 months old.. Can i have sex with my hubby in that time is there any problems..?
Answer: Hi mam, I can understand your worry, yes it is no problem, you can participate in sex.you cannot participate in sex before 5 months,if you do so problems in the future,take care.
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Question: I didn't got periods after delivery. My baby is 10 month old now
Answer: Hi. Breast feeding mom get delaid pregnancy. Some gets there period after 6 months and some take 1 year to get back to periods. Its because of hormonal changes and due to breast feed.
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Question: After delivery I don't have periods...is it any problem....??
Answer: Hello dear. The hormones circulating while you're breastfeeding can temporarily suspend ovulation, so you may not see a period until you wean your baby. Your period should return within six to eight weeks after you stop breastfeeding, though it can take months for it to be totally regular again. If you're formula-feeding your baby, you may start your periods again any time between five weeks and three months after giving birth. Take care.
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