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Question: My period started on 1st march so when will be my ovulation day start?

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Answer: Hello dear. Your ovulation occurs 14 days before your next due periods. So if your periods are due on 1st apr then precisely you will be ovulating on 18th Mar and your fertile days would ve from 16th, 17th and 18th. Hope it helps.
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Question: My last period is on 15 when will be my ovulation?
Answer: Hi dear, great that u r planning for baby some quick tips might help. The maximum number of chances to get pregnant is ovulation period is happen right after 10 days of ur Imp and lasts up to 5-6 days. Now a days there are many kinds of ovulation kit available in the market to know to better results u can try them and follow the steps written on it. Also u need to keep ur diet healthy and be stress free as stress is the main reason of infertility. So all the best take care!
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Question: My period start on 1st of feb when will be my fertile day start
Answer: Dear ovulation or fertile days are when a egg is released in your body and having sex in ghese days can help get pregnant. So ovulation happens from 11 day of your pregnancy so your ovulation days are 13-17 February..
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Question: My period started on 5th may...till 7th may. So when will be my ovulation day
Answer: Hi Usually your ovulation starts from 10 th day of your periods do intercourse from your 10th day that is from 15th may for this month to 18th day to get fast pregnancy anf after 18th day take rest anf avoid travels,spicy foods and dont lift weights
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