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Question: My period missing in 25 and i have period in toady painfull aslo what is the problem

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Answer: Hi dear since there was a long gap in your period hence you are finding it difficult is time when the period has just started please don't worry it happens but it is also important for you to understand and detect the reason of this delay so please check it with your doctor once your period is over . Hope this helps!
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Question: I have 2 months baby, lumps formed in my breast it is painfull and bit reddish what may be the reason and please give solutions for this problem
Answer: Hi dear, Minor lumps in breast post delivery is absolutely usually clears on its own while.brwadtfeefing.but if the lumpnis painful and as you said has turned red,then it a sign of infection,which needs to be treatd either by surery or antibiotics.ease get in touch with your doctor could.also develop fever due to the inflammation.
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Question: My last period is 9 december. But I have no period in this month what is the problem missing the period
Answer: Dear If your periods are regular in every month, check out once that u r pregnant or not. If ur periods are irregular then wait for one week.
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Question: I want to conceive and toady is the 5 day of my period when is the chance of get pregnant
Answer: Hello dear, having intercourse on the ovulation day which is day 14 of your menstrual cycle...and also on 12-14th day of your cycle as it is your most fertile days increases your chances of getting pregnant...
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