10 months old baby

Question: My period is not stopping...doctor prescribed tranexamic acid tablets.. Will it stop my period or just reduce blood flow?

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Answer: It helps reduce the blood flow and gradually help to stop the heavy menstrual bleeding dear..
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Question: My doctor has prescribed me only calcium,zinc and follic acid tablets...i was not given any iron tablets ....is it ok...
Answer: Hi,Dear Its ok include in your diet but, increase iron level Have a glass of beetroot and carrot juice with a spoon of lemon juice twice a day Have a small piece of jaggery with ghee and roasted grams everyday Eat iron rich foods such as green leafy vegetables,tofu , whole egg, almonds, raisins, watermelon etc Include iron rich fruits in your daily diet Promegranate, apple, strawberry, grape, banana,gaya,litchi and kiwi Include more of citrus fruits in your daily dirt as the are rich in vitamin c which helps iron absorption it into blood streams like oranges or lemons take care .
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Question: Doctor give folic acid tablets for my wife.. it is ok to have it or not??
Answer: Folic acid is very important for baby's brain development. It is given to every pregnant lady. Please take folic acid daily as your doctor says.
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Question: Hello. I have been adviced to take tranexamic acid tablets to stop spotting.. Is it safe? Has it have any side effects
Answer: Congratulations to mom-to-be... If the doctor has suggest make sure you follow it as she knows your present consider. Trust your doctor.
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