1 months old baby

Question: My one month baby has gastric problem... She cried when she pass gas and wake up while sleeping.. I gave her medicine and put hing but she get relief for sometime.. Plz tel quick relief remedy

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Answer: Same issue ..my boy is 3 months
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Question: My baby is sleeping while feeding from breast she is 33 days how to wake her up. Is she get to g enough milk? I m worried
Answer: you should feed for atleast 20 mins per breast dear. otherwise your baby will get only foremilk.. hindmilk comes at the end which is lil bit thick and contains most of the fat. you should see whether baby is full or not . touch his tummy. if he is full you will find his tummy lil bit filled up. same think is with Brest milk. when your breast is full of milk. you will feel it, sometimes it's start leaking also. as the baby start drinking you will feel that it's getting emptied.... you will find it loose. then slowly you can feed him from other Breast. gradually you will learn the art of feeding from your experience only dear. all newborn falls sleep while breastfeeding dear. this is normal. you can tickle behind his ears if he sleeps , he will wake up.
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Question: My baby is 15 days old.when she wake up from sleep she starts crying.i gave her medicine of gas but does't work.what should i do?
Answer: Hi some babies will cry like that the first thing is after feeding burp on baby back it relieves gas or air that present in the baby.you check the comfort of the baby and also the room temperature .keep your baby warm and check whether there is any wet in the bed , don't leave the baby alone.gentle massage on baby stomach releases gas.
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Question: My one yr old baby have fever(100.4). Sometime she have fever and normal.consulted dr and gave medicine to her.
Answer: Hi Dear! You hv already done the best by consulting your Dr. and offering medicine to the baby,pls hv patience it will subside soon, keep offering liquid to the baby to keep her hydrated.. Good luck & hope this helps!
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