5 months old baby

Question: My one and half month old baby will go fir vaccination tomorrow . Which cream should apply to him so he will not get pain after vaccination.

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Question: My baby is 9 month old and getting diaper rashes which cream to apply
Answer: Hello dear... Instead of using chemical based cream, it will be effective in reducing rashes, To get rid of diaper rashes,make your baby free from diaper for couple of days,you can apply coconut oil on rashes regularly will definitely reduce rashes,and always apply coconut oil before wearing diaper ,and after removing diaper it is essential to wash the region with plain water and mild soap will prevent rashes and can also apply pediatrician recommend diaper cream for effective result
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Question: Today morning one and half month's vaccination done to my baby. When will he get relief from pain
Answer: Hello, Some vaccinations are painful for babies.me to face this at every session of vaccination.Feed Your Baby,Babies tend to focus on a particular task at a given moment, so feeding your baby after vaccination can help take his or her mind off it and also lower the pain considerably. Breastfeeding your baby more often after the vaccination will also keep her hydrated and prevent fever from setting in. Distract Your Baby,Babies are easily distracted and this can work in their favour after an injection.Get your baby’s favourite toy while your baby is getting injected. This can help keep his attention off the pain.
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Question: hi all.. my baby is 55 days old , he has vaccination tomorrow but he has cold .. would it ok to get vaccination done during cold ? and pls suggest painless vaccination is good or should we go for the normal one?
Answer: Painful one is more effective. Give paracetamol syrup immediately, it helps a lot.
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