13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My nt scan reveals 1.8mm and 1.6mm for my twin pregnancy... Is it normal..

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Answer: Hi dear, It is fine.although the safe limits is 1.3 mm.as the NT level rises,risk factor rises too.remember it is not a confirmation but just an estimate to risk.so further tests could confirm the down syndrome risk.
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Question: Iam pregnant with twins...did NT scan in 11weeks 3days and the report shows fetus A NT is 1.6mm & fetus B NT is 1.1mm ...is that normal?
Answer: These are normal reports. Anything below 2.5 is considered normal.
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Question: I am 19 weeks pregnant, anomaly scan reveals that fetus is having lateral ventricular dilatation of 9mm and previous nt scan was normal, is there anything to worry
Answer: Hi, Dilatation of lateral ventricles upto 10 mm is normal and should self resolve by the time baby's ready to be born. At the same time make sure that babys genetic testing report are also normal'
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant In NT scan by is 1.3mm.is it normal?Is minimum range 1.6mm??Pls answer
Answer: I dont no . but no problem. Contact your doctor
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