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Question: My name is Khushi IAM newly married please do help me!!! My last period date is on feb18 so I wish for a good news for this month From last 3months IAM getting regular periods And how about after sex how long sperms takes time to get into egg? How long should leave and wash How about my ovulation period can I try once again?

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Question: Hello, I m a newly married... We are planning for a baby....and my last month period was on 12th February....can any one suggest me how to convince fast.
Answer: Hello, The best way to increase your odds of getting pregnant quickly is to make sure that you are having sex at the right time in your cycle. If you have regular cycles, you will ovulate around two weeks before your period. This means your fertile window will be the seven days before your expected ovulation. Check your ovulation using ovulation calculater. You ovulate only once each menstrual cycle. If you can tell when you'll ovulate, you and your partner can time intercourse for the best chance of getting pregnant that cycle. If you and your partner are waiting to have sex until your most fertile time, make sure you haven't gone through too long of a dry spell beforehand. Your partner should ejaculate at least once in the days just before your most fertile period. Otherwise there could be a buildup of dead sperm in his semen. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hello doctor My name is divya, actually I have periods problems so I used medicines I got married 6 months ago, I have 60 Day long period since 6 months, then I went to gynecologist, she suggest medicine for ovulation and usg follicular study, I fear that my period problem is resisting ovlution and not conceiving
Answer: Hello Divya Please share your complete report with me here. If you are HSG and follicular study has been done then please share both of the reports as well having periods up till 60 days is worrisome because harmones will need to be balanced in order to get pregnant your doctor might suggest to familion/ krimson 35 to set your menstrual cycle first of all and if there is excessive bleeding you will be given tranexamic acid injections to control it your cycle will be monitored for two more months and then you will be advised to plan for a pregnancy do not worry these all condition signs and symptoms are manageable and they can be treated medically do not worry. You can get pregnant.
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Question: Can one help me out.......i am married for 2 years and my period also regular.....i m try to get pregnant for 2 month.....last month by trying to get pregnant i have my priod delayed five days .....this months also i get my period 2 days delayed........why this is happening
Answer: Don't be stressed. Stay calm. Soon u will get good news.
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