37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My lower abdomen is paining ...is there anything serious

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Answer: Is it that first time or you felt the same type of pain before? Most of the time it's due to baby occupying space inside you. Even though try to communicate with your doctor or nurse through phone call to make sure everything is normal.
Answer: Hello mam plz aap koi heavy cheez naa uthaaye.. Or jb bhi aap rest kro to 2-3 pillows apne feets ke niche rakh kr hi rest krna aapka pain theek ho jaayega...
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Question: My lower abdomen is heavy and is paining....my thighs are also paining....anything serious
Answer: Dear Pain in lower abdomen and feeling heaviness is completely normal because as growing baby put a lot of pressure on your lower body.. so you don't worry just take proper rest and while sitting keep a pillow under your legs and raise your legs above that will get some pressure off your lower body and help get a good blood flow ..also avoid standing or sitting for long time and always keep the support of your hands while standing under your baby bump...
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Question: I have lower abdomen pain is anything serious
Answer: Hello! Light pain is common during pregnancy due to the growing uterus which stretches the ligaments and muscles. There is nothing to worry but if the pain is severe then definitely consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: There is little bit cramp in my lower abdomen left side from today morning...is it anything serious issues?
Answer: No. Its because of the stretching uterus. Nothing to worry until its mild.
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