6 months old baby

Question: My lo is 4months nd 9 days old.. he is on both fm nd bm what his weight should be..

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Question: Hi my baby is 4months old. He is on both FM abd BM but now a days he is not having FM properly.Also his no of times urine passage is reduced sometimes his urine will be little yellowish.
Answer: Chill dear nothing to worry. Summer had started so baby will sweat so number of passing urine might be reduced. Feed him for every 2 hours.dont forcefully feed. Normally baby passes urine 6 and 8 times during the day it is considered as a normal. As you breastfeed you should drink more plenty of water .you should observe this if it is less than 4 and 5 peee during the day then you should have to consult from doctor.
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Question: my baby is 3 months old he is on BM.. Nd his weight is 5.4kg what should I do to increase his weight
Answer: Till six month give only breast milk, weight automatically will increase, no need to give anything now, just feed as much as your baby demand.after 6 month you can add supplement.
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Question: Hello,my baby 3months 14 days old and he is gaining weight..he is on both bm and bottle fed ...what should i do for his weight..?
Answer: Sorry i want to say that my baby is not gaining weight...
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