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Question: My lmp was dec 30 ...on feb 4 some blood clots passed only in urine for 2 days after that on feb 13 i consulted dr pregnancy test negative n given me period coming tablet on feb 25 got period but that is not flow only some clots in urine ...

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Answer: hi dear! if there is no blood coming from the vagina and only clots are seen in urine then do visit your doctor and explain the situation dear. as if the period comes then if its less its fine but if its very less then we need to see a doctor dear. you might need a urine routine test and change of medicine dear. take care.
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    R D607 days ago

    Thank you Dr.

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Question: After missing 5 days of period passing blood clots in urine sometimes and negative pregnancy test.
Answer: U wait another 3days and do pregnancy test with morning first urine
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Question: Hii my lmp was dec 30 after 5 days i passed some blood clots only in urine for 2 days ... yeastrdy i checked upt it was negative dr suggested to take me period coming tab what i should do ?
Answer: hi dear! so you will have to take tablets so that the periods come to normal. also dont worry dear and blood clots should not be seen in the urine. so consult with the doctor and tablets will be given to you so that you can take them. and after few days you might get your period dear.dont worry. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: My lmp was dec 30 after 5 days missed period i passed some thin blood clots only in urine after ...on feb 13 I checked upt it was negative so consulted dr n dr. Gave me period coming tab still i not got period.What would be the problem
Answer: Dear you need to consult gynae again as your were on medication and it did not work so you may need change in medicine. Please without any delay see your gynae. Hope it helps.
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