1 months old baby

Question: My little one having cough and blocked nose in night time only. He is 41 days old.. Any home. Remedies for this pls suggest

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Answer: iPhone ka football you can try this home remedies which will help you baby please the Stephen next to the movies made you should roast some ajwain and tie it n the dcleam cloth d make the potli and do compression on babies test you should I am the mustard oil and massage with it on the baby's chest back and front just before sleeping which you have the baby in congestion.
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Question: My kid is having cold and cough. She is crying with blocked nose. Please suggest me any home remedies
Answer: Hello! For immediate relief from blocked nose give two drops of saline water in each nostril. Apart from that give steam. You can also use bathroom as the steam room, turn on hot water tap or shower and let the door remain closed. Sit in the bathroom along with your baby for 10-15 minutes. Your baby will get sufficient steam. If your child doesn’t like steam then you can use room humidifier or vaporizer in its sleeping area. It will help to keep room moist. Also massage the baby with warm mustard oil and garlic and also give warm compress with ajwain potli Don't worry, continue with it, it will get better. Take care
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Question: My 3 month baby having sneezing, cough, and water from nose.... pls suggest any home remedies...
Answer: Hi. Give steam from distance as it helps getting relief from blocked nose. Give saline nasal spray so nose does not get blocked. You can apply camphor oil so it gives relief to blocked and running nose. Give feed frequently as it has antibiotics and is warm soothes throat and gives relief. If cold increases or any other symptoms appear please contact doctor. Take care
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Question: Hi my baby is 25 days old.. she is suffering from cough and cold... Also blocked nose..any home remedies?
Answer: Hi dear Happy to help you Try some home remedies such as ginger and lime n pieces and add to a bottle full of honey and take it twice a day. Hope my answer was helpful.
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