36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My lips get darker....is it normal in pregnncy ?

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Answer: It could be because of pigmentation that's very normal to have in pregnancy so please don't be worried once you will deliver your baby your hormones will get settled and your pigmentation will get fine as well
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Question: My babys lips became darker. Why is it so. Will it change afterwards
Answer: hi dear don't worry this is very common with a newborn babies feed a baby try to wipe off your baby is it so with the cotton cloth this helps baby lips to turn the shade of colour don't worry this is very common with most of the newborn kids
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Question: My 9 month running. My skin become darker n my lips also become dark. Is it normal.?
Answer: Hello dear.. do not worry.. it is absolutely normal. It happens because of increase in melanin in body in pregnancy which makes skin dark. After delivery it will be fine
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Question: My lips r becoming darker
Answer: Lips become darker due to the iron intake during pregnancy. This willcome back to normalcy after delivery. Nothing to worry dear
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