25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My legs are swollen..is it normal or does it need medical intervention

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Answer: Hello, Swollen feet are quite common during pregnancy. It happens because there are additional fluids and blood in your body. This condition is called edema. To reduce swelling is to eat food that has a high-potassium level. Banana is one fruit that has a good amount of potassium . And you can take rest . Keeping your feet in one position for a very long time can also lead to edema. It is important to move your feet and change its positions once in a while. If you have a desk job, you might notice that the condition of your feet is getting worse. One thing you can do is take a quick stroll within your office or outside once or twice in 4 to 5 hours.  When legs are swollen you have to reduce your caffeine intake . Exercising regularly is a great way to get rid of swollen feet as it helps in circulation. Use warm salt water to soak your feet. Using Epsom salt has always resulted in relaxing your feet. A good massage will make you feel really relaxed. Also if you are struggling with swelling in your feet, then a good massage will also help with circulation. Giving your feet a good massage helps the body get rid of the toxins that retain the fluid. Hope it helps.
Answer: It's normal in pragency
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Answer: Swelling of feet legs nd hands r nrml in preg dip ur feet in lukewarm water fr smtime ...if u dont get relief thn go to doc.
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Question: My legs n hands are not swollen..is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, every pregnancy is different and it's also okay if you dont get all the symptoms. You might get swelling on legs or hands in future or u might now. Its normal
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