30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My legs are started swelling now. How to reduce swelling

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Answer: Hi dear. Swelling is normal during pregnancy and there is nothing risky in it so don't worry, I also faced the issue of a leg swelling in a last trimester, just reduce salt intake a little bit and your legs in a lukewarm water for a few minute and keep your legs in elevated position while sleeping these things will definitely help you a lot.
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    Meenakshi Madkaikar686 days ago

    Thanks maam

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Question: My legs started swelling. What are the easy ways to reduce the swelling
Answer: Legs swelling is common in pregnancy dear friend.... But to reduce it avoid sitting with legs hanging in air.. Instead support them on short stool.. Also drink plenty of water and sleep on the sides.. Take plenty of water.. All these helps.
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Question: My legs are more swelling how to reduce it
Answer: during pregnancy The body generates fifty percent more body fluids to meet the developing baby’s needs and that also causes swelling which is called edema. Edema or normal swelling is noticed in hands, face, legs, ankles, and feet during this time. The absorption of fluid softens the body, which enables it to enlarge as the baby develops. So dont sit in one position for long, neither stand for two long. Keep rotating your ankle clock wise and anti clock wise . Also deeping your leg in warm salt water will help. Try to massage leg with luke warm water. Little walkinv and exercise will help as well.
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Question: 31weeks pregnant .. my legs are swelling .. how to reduce
Answer: Warm water with lil salt... Help u to reduce swwelling...
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