20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My last ultrasound found... anterior placenta grade - 1 with variable presentation...what that means...

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Answer: hello dear , anterior Placenta means Placenta towards your belly button. grade 1 is the maturity level of placenta and its normal in 20 weeks. variable presentation means during the USG your baby is moving and they couldn't get a dfinite presentation of baby which is also very normal. don't worry dear everything is ok.
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Question: I have low lying placenta 4cm from os grade 3 And breech presentation.. Am so worried now. Dr didn't tell to take any rest but youtube says grade 3 placenta pregnancy need bed rest.. All are saying, for cephalic presentation i ll have to work hard.. What yo do plz help me..
Answer: You have low lying placenta and so dont strain yourself, it can cause bleeding and preterm delivery too. Breech position babies are not usually delivered normally but you are 31 weeks, your baby still has got plenty of time to turn, dont worry
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Question: In my ultrasound report placenta anterior with grade what is meant by that.
Answer: Anterior placenta, it is normal.where placenta is attached to front wall of uterus upper side is called anterior upper segment placenta.it is completely normal place for it to implant and develop.it should not cause any problems during delivery.take care and all the best
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Question: Please say Anterior placenta means baby girl
Answer: No dear. It's myth. There is no seintific facts about position of placenta which reveals our baby gender.
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