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Question: My last period was on 6feb..I have 29-30 days accordingly what is my ovulation days

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Answer: Have you done pregnancy test?
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    Pinaz Misra844 days ago

    No..I haven't..m planning for March.. dtsy m askn bat d same..bat d fertile days

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Question: My last period was on feb 3rd. My period cycle is 30 days. When will be my ovulation days?
Answer: Your best days to conceive are February 17, 2019 to February 21, 2019. All the best!
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Question: My last period was on 3rd Sep continued for 5 days. My last cycle was 29 days long. I want to know exact date of ovulation to conceive
Answer: Hi dear, The most fertile time of the month is between 10-18 days post your periods.usially that time your ovulation takes place.and sex during that time can give you maximum chances of getting pregnant.tou can also get a ovulation kit to test your ovulation dates.also look for discharges which are egg white consistency.that is the sign of ovulation.
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Question: My LMP was on 27 October. My period cycle is of 29-30 days. What will be my ovulation time so that I could conceive?
Answer: Hi. you always ovulate before 14 days of ur period or 14 days after your period Hope this helps!
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