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Question: My last period was on 15 cycle is usually of 30 days...but this month only mild cramps and thick whiye discharge.....but no period...pregnancy test is also negative...what should i do in this case.....i want to concieve.are these pregnancy symptoms??

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Answer: I think you have taken the test a little early. Please take the test after 15 to 20 days of missing the periods. This will give you a more accurate results. Or else take a blood test nearby diagnostic lab. That will also give a rough idea.
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    ritu mann410 days ago

    Ok is there is a chance pf pregnancy this time??

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    Mehak Jain409 days ago

    Which lab test urine pregnancy test in lab or hcg test

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Question: My LMP is 5th dec. And cycle is of 35 days . So my period was due on 9th jan but no period only mild cramps in lower abdomen and negative home pregnancy test. What it's mean?
Answer: Hi Dear! May be the period is delayed which is quite normal usually in some months, becz after 5 days if its negative after 5 days its not pregnancy, better to wait and then consult a Dr. fr further check.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Usually my cycle is 28 days. This is 30 th day shall i take pregnancy test
Answer: Hi dear. just wait for 6 more days with cause pregnancy test should be taken only after 8 days of skipped period and keep in mind that I should be taken with the first fresher in in the morning and also while drinking water before test because water can reduce your HCG level
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Question: My last lmp was 23rd September, still I have no period and pregnancy test also negative, my cycle is regular 35 days .why this happened .. and also I have no health issues
Answer: Please repeat the pregnancy test after another 3-4 days the meantime why don't you consult with a gynecologist dear...and get a HCG blood test done which will help detect pregnancy in the early stages itself..
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